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I work for Times-Shamrock Communications, a media company based in Scranton, PA as the Technology Development Manager for the Interactive Media department.

Some of the sites I've developed in the two years I've been with the company:

About this site
Thanks to my good friend and co-worker Eric Toffey, I've finally had a chance to get redesigned and relaunched. This is actually the final step in a lot of work that I've been doing on my hosting and whatnot for months.

I've been moving around my hosting and e-mail junk and otherwise doing some nerd heavy lifting for a while, and after a request to Eric I had this awesome new design ready in short order.

The site is running on a backend of ASP.NET 3.5 on no particular CMS platform. I wanted a nice and simple design so I wouldn't have to spend ages writing code to run it. The blog portion is pulling in posts using the Community Server API.

As for the design, Eric put it together in far less time than I could have imagined. He's always coming up with new ways to torture me with weird CSS situations I have to figure out how to make work. I looked around and found a nice, simple, CSS-friendly javascript 'accordion' in the MooFX javascript library. All the other HTML and CSS is mine and mine alone.


Until I decide the best format to re-post or excerpt my columns, here's a link to my [old] columns at the Electric City archive site:

Page Not Found (also anything else I've written for ec/dc)

New stuff at


During the week, I'm at work in Scranton, PA. On the weekends, I may or may not be at home just outside downtown.

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Looks like I need to spend some time deciding how I want to manage my photos... for now, click here to see some older photos!


©2011 Tucker Hottes. Many thanks to Eric Toffey for the artwork and design concept.